yum for IBM i

Yum is package manager that has been introduced to the IBM i. I won’t go into what it can do for you as there are plenty of articles out there. This blog is around my experiences of getting it installed which wasn’t straightforward – mainly due to my inability to follow the official instructions here:


I initially followed the online install instructions (without ACS) but had problems FTPing some of the files directly from the IBM repository, so then went to the offline install instructions. I tried to run the QSH commands separately but it only half installed and was left scratching my head.  Eventually just ran the command exactly as per instructions (step 4 below) and voila!  I’ve reproduced the instructions below for my own benefit really!

1. Use an FTP client from your PC to:

User - anonymous
Password - anonymous@example.com

2. Go to the folder:


3. Download the following as binary files to your PC:


4. FTP those files from your PC into /tmp on the IFS of your IBM i

5. Execute the QSH command

QSH CMD(‘touch -C 819 /tmp/bootstrap.log; /QOpenSys/usr/bin/ksh /tmp/bootstrap.sh > /tmp/bootstrap.log 2>&1’)

6. Check /tmp/bootstrap.log for any errors


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